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The 15-minute Loan Officer Business Plan

The 15-minute business plan is a tracker tailored for loan originators and real estate agents that offers a streamlined approach to setting income goals, calculating leads needed, and identifying lead sources, all within a concise timeframe. 

Circle of Influence Tracker

The Circle of Influence Tracker is a guide for mortgage loan originators and sales professionals. It emphasizes the importance of identifying and leveraging one’s network to expand referral opportunities. The tutorial covers the essential details to track for each contact, explains the purpose of reaching out to contacts, and highlights the significance of maintaining and nurturing these relationships to grow a successful business.

Referral Partner Pyramid

The referral partner pyramid is a valuable tool that helps loan originators organize and prioritize their referral sources, allowing them to identify potential leads and nurture existing relationships.

Realtor Tracker

The Realtor Tracker emphasizes the importance of realtor relationships for success in the mortgage industry. This resource acknowledges the need to have a large database of real estate agents and provides guidance on how to track and manage these relationships effectively.

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Here is where you will find the links to research programs, products and guidelines directly from Fannie, Freddie, FHA, and VA.

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