Markets Come & Go…Winners Stay The Same



Hosting a podcast where the content is geared towards edutaining those who serve the housing industry and their clients comes with its perks. For one, my kids think I am famous because I am on YouTube. Then there is the access the show creates. Beyond my children’s perceptions and the occasional access, the real perks lie in the insights I gain meet and interviewing my guests. These interactions provide me with intimate insights into what is working and what is not as it pertains to sales and business success. Couple what I have learned from others via their guest appearances with the fact that I am still in the trenches daily with my loan production teams and I feel I have some good insight into what it takes to win in this current market. Here goes…

In order to win in today’s market, you must repeat everything it took to get your business off the ground in the first place. It does not matter if the year was 1994, 2004, 2014 or 2022 when you launched your 100% commission, eat-what-you-kill, by referral only book of business. In case you forgot, or in the case of those who launched their careers in 2022 where never told, here arethe five steps you need to follow:

Step 1: Get up, put on your uniform, and go to work. Every day. Without fail. Then make yourself available nights and weekends as needed. You are a full time professional. Teachers do it. Nurses do it. Bus drivers do it. Accounting professionals do it. Cooks at restaurants do it. And so should you.

Step 2: Place making sales calls your #1, #2 and #3 priority daily. Call current referrals partners. Schedule meetings with prospective referral partners. Reach out to every past client. Connect with your entire COI. Relentlessly pursue all leads including the old and cold. Offer to do the same for your referral partners.

Step 3: Network like your life depends on it. This includes teaching Lunch and Learns, hosting happy hours, attending industry organization meetings, joining business networking groups and spending a couple hours a week networking on-line using Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Step 4: Track all of your activity. If it is not tracked then it never happened. Tracking your activity lets you know where you have been and keeps you focused on where you need to go. Success is determined by the activities we can control. Our results are determined by our activities.

Step 5: Don’t. Give. Up. Success rewards those with staying power. You need to be both persistent and consistent. The effort you display today does not even begin to pay dividends for at least 90 days. You need to create habits of steps 1-4 and then stick to these habits until you are wealthy enough to stop.

There is no magic pill to swallow nor a wand to be waived. Winning in the current market, or any other market, requires the same core principles. I wish I had something sexier to share. But this is the truth. It is the one common denominator of every self-made millionaire I know or top producer I have interviewed. The good news for you is that you have what it takes. The question is, how bad do you want it?


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  1. aefilori Avatar

    This is always a great reminder. Rinse, repeat, keep your blinders on, hone your craft and be dumb enough not to quit. 🙂

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