Learn to Say “Good” Even When Things Don’t Go Your Way



In life and business, we learn from mistakes and when things don’t go our way. Rarely do we learn when things go as expected.

Oh, you lost the loan to rate? Good.

Oh, that realtor stood you up? Good.

Oh, that condo was denied? Good.

You know, it’s just reminding you that it’s still okay. This is part of the process that we continue to forge forward.

Learn from it, right? Learn from it well, okay the condo got got denied, could I have prevented it? Probably not.

Could I prevented the person from from making an offer on that condo? Maybe maybe not.

Could I have done a better job of prepping the person for what it was like to go into a condo, to maybe they’d want to only look at townhomes or villas? Oh, maybe.

Okay, opportunity there. I lost the loan to rate. Good.

What did I learn from it? Could I have prevented it? And by prevented it, maybe I could have prevented the amount of time I spent on that person if I recognize that, that everything I offered them wasn’t going to be enough.

Or, could I have done something upfront to let them know that hey look;

“Do I have your verbal buy-in that you’re calling me because you want a home. Not because you want to rate?…”

“…And not only do you want a home but you want to get your offer accepted. You want to make sure you’re close on time. You want to make sure you don’t lose $1,000 between home inspections and appraisals…”

“…And the reason why you’re referred to me is because I give you and your realtor that type of confidence to go out and shop for a home?…”

“…Then if that’s the case, what I need you to understand is I’m going to do my best to make sure I get you a competitive interest rate, based on the day that we were able to lock you in, and those market conditions.”

But, you know, to me competitive doesn’t necessarily mean it’s gonna be the best because the best rate may have come with a bunch of non-guarantees. Right?

So like, good I lost a loan to rate because maybe now it’s gonna focus…it’s gonna force me to get better at what I’m doing.

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