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      Justin McCrone

      These last two years have been an avalanche of business and I originate & process all of my own loans. As such, I have maintained good relationships with my core referral sources, but have not done a good job in getting in front of new real estate agents. I am eager to embark upon the 12 week challenge, but my issue is that I had to have a dental implant on one of my front teeth a month ago. The implant is going to take another 2-5 months to fully heal before a permanent replacement can be attached. Because of this, I will have a missing tooth during that time. It is impossible to hide without wearing a mask and I am very self-conscious about this. This is stopping me from posting videos to social media and meeting with new agents. I guess my question is whether I should just force myself to get over it and set up meetings anyways or if it would hurt my chances at establishing new relationships because my appearance may give off the wrong impression.

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      Oddly enough, I’m in your exact situation right now … ask your dentist for a flipper tooth – it’s a temporary fake tooth that you can take in and out whenever you want. Mine cost about $500 and nobody that sees me or that I talk to has an idea I’m wearing it.

      Good luck with the challenge!

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        Justin McCrone

        I have a flipper, but it makes me gag when I put it in so I haven’t been able to use it.

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      Dustin Owen

      This is too funny as my entire mouth is dental implants and I had a front tooth bust off on my way to the National MBA Conference this past October. I had to podcast that day and walk the main stage to be recognized that night plus attend a fancy after party. I did all three. It was a little awkward but I chose to own it. Use your missing tooth to your advantage. Like, you never let anything get in the way of closing loans or helping your agents sell more homes; you never let a little dental mishap get in the way of your need to network. Call an agent and say, “Hey this is Justin, I am currently missing my front tooth as I am having an implant made, would you prefer to meet next week or in 4 months when my tooth is in?” You may think I am kidding but it would be a great ice breaker.

      In all reality. Do your best. Some days you will not be able to overcome the self-consciousness and others you can force yourself to power through. Remember, you are looking for business; not friends and not lovers.

      Finally, overcome your issue with the flipper. Start by wearing it 5 minutes a day and each day add 5 more. Next thing you know you are up to hour.

      Good luck!

Viewing 2 reply threads
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