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      I previously worked on a real estate team as an admin assistant for a good friend who was a team lead. My question isn’t actually about working with him. Its working with the people i would see regularly within our office. There was another fairly large real estate team in our office that I had good relations with even after I left real estate. When I left real estate to work for the beloved Rocket Mortgage they even let me keep an office in there building free of charge.

      My question is, it has been roughly 6 months since I have spoke to them with all of the changes I’ve had in my young career in the past 6 months. How would you recommend reaching back out as I know they already have a preferred lender that they have worked with for years and years. I was thinking of doing a goodie basket for them and their whole team and a handwritten thank you note to them for letting me work out of there office even after I left the real estate world and was working at rocket.

      Anyone have any thoughts on this?

      Thanks and love the show Dustin and JC!

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