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      I previously worked on a real estate team as an admin assistant for a good friend who was a team lead. My question isn’t actually about working with him. Its working with the people i would see regularly within our office. There was another fairly large real estate team in our office that I had good relations with even after I left real estate. When I left real estate to work for the beloved Rocket Mortgage they even let me keep an office in there building free of charge.

      My question is, it has been roughly 6 months since I have spoke to them with all of the changes I’ve had in my young career in the past 6 months. How would you recommend reaching back out as I know they already have a preferred lender that they have worked with for years and years. I was thinking of doing a goodie basket for them and their whole team and a handwritten thank you note to them for letting me work out of there office even after I left the real estate world and was working at rocket.

      Anyone have any thoughts on this?

      Thanks and love the show Dustin and JC!

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      Dustin Owen

      Here goes…invite them to meet up after work for drinks / apps. Don’t hind from the fact that you are a lender who knows what Realtors and their buyers want in a good lender because you worked previously in real estate. In fact, it was your experience of working in real estate that made you want to become a lender as you saw first hand the need for quality LO’s. Acknowledge and respect they have a relationship with a good LO already. However, everyone needs a back-up. Even Tom Brady has a back-up. Ask to be considered as the back-up. Then seek ways to offer products or services that their current LO does not offer (i.e. help them work their old / cold leads, make yourself crazily accessible to them, offer a DPA loan their current lender does not offer or a non-QM loan or a bank portfolio loan etc., offer to help them work events to drum up business…) This should be your approach with EVERY agent in your old office. Also, you should work your old Rocket colleagues for leads to loans they turn down. Threat those former co-workers as lead sources and work them they way you work your Realtor network. (This is assuming you can do loans they can’t.) Good luck!

Viewing 1 reply thread
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