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      I’ve been emailing agents (10 a day) in my area that are having open houses. I’ve made my own email template and am pretty happy with it. Last week I got a response from an agent and attended my first open house this past weekend.
      The day before, I wrote down potential rate ranges on all loan types for the home. I did all types of due diligence i could think of to get ready for this showing.
      When I was there, no one really wanted to talk to me once they knew i was a lender. In fact, i didn’t reference my rates at all. I felt more like I was assisting the agents with their job. Now, this doesn’t bother me at all because i was just happy to even be allowed to join them and get a feel for it. The only times I talked about lending was when the agent would mention “Have you been pre-qualified yet with a lender?” (happened only 6 times in a 3 hour period) and even that was a very short conversation.

      Now to the question,

      1. Is there a good opening script to discuss a mortgage? Anything you guys would normally say that might grab someone’s attention?

      To add, It was a good experience and I was asked to attend their next showing in a couple of weeks. And of course, I’m going to attend.

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      Dustin Owen

      Congrats! This is awesome. Don’t go there to discuss mortgage. Go there to cement a relationship with the Realtor and to help out. Plus, you never want to talk rate or lead with rate. I would state the following to everyone I met, “Hello, I am . I work with as her/his lending partner. Let me know if you have any questions about the house or any questions as it pertains to monthly payments or financing.” Whenever anyone asks me about rates I give a range (i.e. between 3.5 and 4.0%) and let them know that there are 28 factors that goes into someone’s interest rate and that rates change by the hour, every hour, Monday – Friday based on the daily trading of the bond market.

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      Thank you Dustin. I appreciate all you do for me and the RE community. I’ll take your advice and apply it 🙂

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