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      I just finished my 20 hour prelicensing education, and was looking for some advice on my next couple moves. I plan on studying for my exam, would you also suggest doing Xinnix Ground school right away or focus on the exam first? Or what other steps am I missing or should be anticipating? what more things could I be doing so I can be the most ready?

      To give a little more context in my situation, I have about 2 months before I make a move and going all in into this new industry.

      So glad to be apart of your community guys!!

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      Dustin Owen

      I would focus on studying for and passing your NMLS. Then, focus on finding the right opportunity for you. Once you do, make your decision on Xinnix Ground School after finding out what type of training your employer will provide or if your employer will pay for Xinnix Ground. IF…IF you are having difficulty winning the attention of future employers, take and pass Ground School as a way to set yourself apart. But, do Xinnix Ground School after you pass your NMLS.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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