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      Hi Dustin ~ do you have any recommendations on who to hang license with in Hawaii for a rookie LO? Pros and Cons? Thank you in advance.

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      Dustin Owen

      Hey Ryan,

      Unfortunately, I don’t have any personal contacts in HI…although it would be awesome to change that. I love Maui and look forward to getting back to the state to visit the other islands. I will, however, leave this with you…

      – It is less about the company. It is 100% the person you will be working under. Does she/he have the ability to train/coach/mentor you? You need a really good manager 10x more than anything else including comp plan, rates or programs. What is the branch culture? How do they support their LO’s?

      I hope this helps.

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      Hey Dustin ~ thank you so much for the nugget of wisdom! Truly valuable…you can count on me as your first contact 🙂

      I’m setting up a couple meetings with different lenders in the near future to put your advice to action. Thank you again!

Viewing 2 reply threads
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