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      Hey guys! Thank you so much for what you are doing. This podcast has been great getting started as a mortgage banker. You may have an episode on this…sorry if I have missed it… What are your go to marketing strategies for a newbies? I have started on your 12 week challenge and have been meeting with realtors and builders. What else do you all suggest…flyers, gifts, etc.? I work for a small community bank. I am taking over for a lady who is retiring after 50 years in the industry. She didn’t do much in the way of marketing because she was getting referrals by word – of – mouth. I am trying to let people know who our bank is and get my face associated. I hope my ramblings make sense. Thanks!! Jasmine

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      Dustin Owen

      I only like flyers as a leave behind. If the meeting went well and I think there is an above average opportunity there (i.e. 5+ closings together per year) I will follow-up with a gift like a copy of my favorite book with a note from me written inside or something of $25 value or less that is personal to them. (I once bought this dude a sweater for his dog and the sweater was in his favorite college football teams gear.)

      Make sure you are meeting with all of the referral sources the retiring lady had. Let them know you are taking over. Ask them to meet. Ask them what she did really well and ask what you can do to be better. Do the same to all of her past clients too. Pick 10-15 a day and call them. Let them know she retired but that you can now be their go-to. Make sure you send them your contact info. Ask for referrals on the spot.

      Finally, my market pitch is that I genuinely care about help my referral sources sell more homes. I ask them how I can help. I truly look to fill in voids. My approach is typically based around, “What can I do to help you sell more homes?” — then I shut up, take notes and offer solutions / agree to help them in that manner.

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      Thank you so much. This is great!

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