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      Jose Gutierrez


      A client of mine started working at an animal hospital as a W2 employee in January of 2023. Furthermore, she owns an animal grooming business that has been in operation for over two years. As for my question, though she doesn’t have a 2 year history of having 2 jobs, since they are in the same field, can I use both incomes? FHA or Conventional

      Thank you in advance
      José Gutierrez

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      Dustin Owen

      I am gonna go with no on this one. You need to show she has a history of working both jobs at the same time. Now, if she had another W2 before this one with the annimal hospital then the answer would change. You need to proof she has a history of working two jobs at once but not the same two jobs.

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      Jose Gutierrez

      Thank you

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      Dee Yan

      If say a big NO, what recommendation on this case is to keep this future client @Dustin Owen, missing out if we lose her in the future to go with another LO

Viewing 3 reply threads
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