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      Tyler Allen

      I am as green as you can get in this industry, trying to learn something new everyday. When it comes to price sheets I wish there was a “for Dummies” version (focusing on LLPA’s). I mean literally calculating the hits and incentives, then showing how you actually come up with the exact interest rate for that client. I have seen some general videos on the topic but they are always VERY general. The way DO broke down the LLPA’s was exactly what I needed, gave me a 100% better understanding of price sheets and how they work. Price sheets used to look Greek to me, now they look Spanish- at one time I was fluent, now I can just get by.


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      John Coleman

      Hey Tyler –

      Appreciate the feedback and input! We can def. look to create more content around this moving forward – great suggestion!


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      Tyler Allen

      Thanks for the reply JC. I hope my comment didn’t come across as a request for you and DO. Like I said the episode was a great! DO made price sheets a lot more understandable- It would be a little hard to turn the podcast into a math lesson let alone not very entertaining. I will eventually get the rest of the price sheet formula, that’s on me while I get settled in this industry. Again great podcast love the content. Thanks for the tip on the Beer Bath sounds amazing.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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