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      Hi Dustin,
      I’m a former call center refinance loan officer that has been laid off and is looking to transition into becoming a self source loan officer. The Company I’m interviewing with has asked me to reach out to a couple realtors to see if I’m capable of setting a meeting and asking them about their success as a realtor. I’ve gone out and made those connections and now said employer wants me to compile a database of 200 people including phone numbers and email addresses of my social circle. Do you think that is too much of an ask before being hired? I feel like I’ve been jumping through too many hoops before hiring me. Should I start looking elsewhere?

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      Dustin Owen

      This sounds 100% like what I had to do before I entered the business in 2004. Is it a lot? Sure. But it may be worth it…this company may use this to weed out their applicants. It today’s market, it is up to the LO to prove themselves; especially if the LO does not have a book of business or a pipeline of loans. 2020 and 2021 was a different story. Think of it this way…even if you don’t go work with this company these exercises will help you become a successful LO nonetheless.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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