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      Hi Dustin,

      I am in the process of becoming a loan officer. A friend of mine recently got her license and immediately started working for a broker, but has not seen the clientele she was hoping for, this broker did pay for the Xinnix Originator training. I have had conversation with the same broker.

      My Question, Where do you recommend a new loan officer starting out? Secondly, Can one work for both a Quicken Loan type and a broker while they get there feet off the ground and get the clientele/relationships lined up.

      Thank you and keep the episodes coming.

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      Dustin Owen

      You can only hang your license with one employer. I think when choosing an employer, especially if you are are new, then you need to seek a good mentor who works for a company with a good sales culture. Mentors should be professionals you look up to because you want to be like them from a professional standpoint. For most of us, we are ultimately building our own business. This takes 2+ years. If you don’t want to work for “the man” you gotta be the “man” or “woman”. This means you have to go out and create the relationships that bring in the leads. If you work somewhere that provides you leads then good; but understand that is not your book of business but theirs. If your friend is struggling, I’d wonder “why”. Has she not been doing it long enough? Are her sales activities not at a high enough volume or frequency? There is never a bad place or bad time to start anything. Some start in a call center. Some start with a bank. Some start as an LO assistant. Many, start from the bottom and work their tails off to build something awesome. Those that start from the bottom from Day 1 have it the hardest. BUT…they are also the first ones to reach the ultimate pinnacles of success.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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