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      Hey DO!

      I’m really interested in this career and have been listening to a ton of your super helpful podcast. However, my situation is unique:

      I’m married and my wife is disabled, so I have a lot of responsibilities as her caretaker. I’m currently a self-employed window cleaner, which gives me a lot of flexibility for decent pay, but we’re still struggling financially.
      Most of the folks looking into a mortgage career seem to be “go-getters” that are willing to put in 40+ hours and take calls late at night and work on the weekend, etc. Do you think I could still make it in this career while only being able to put in 30 hours a week and being strict about not working after hours? I’m not looking to be a millionaire hotshot, I just want a job that gives me a good work/life balance and flexibility for a solid 70-80k salary a year.

      If the answer is yes, then a follow up question: Would you recommend that I ease into the new career by window cleaning a little to keep earning a steady flow of money while starting to build my network as an LO, or should I dive right in to being an LO and hope that I earn money soon enough to stay afloat?

      Thanks for taking the time to help me out,

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      Dustin Owen

      Short answer is, “no” and long answer is “yes”.

      You will need to be able to give it your all, pour your heart and soul into getting your business off the ground for the 1st two years. This includes weekend events such as Open Houses and afterhours events such as networking opportunities. You’ll have some flexibility as it pertains to what time you come in (anytime between 7:30 and 9:30am) and what time you leave. Some of your work you can do from home. But, you will need to be “All-In” to get your business off the ground. Once you are “in-air” you can dial it back a little more. There are plenty of folks who fund 2-3 loans a month and make their $65k – $110k per year that do not go “all-in” week after week. However, those are folks who have already established a following, have a past client database and have created their referral network as well as know what they are doin gin terms of actually structing a loan for approval. I normalldo not advise a side-hustle unless you are willing to work 60 hours per week (45 dedicated to mortgage and 15 hours to side hustle) and your side hustle is either 5am-8:30am (M-F), 6pm-10pm (M-F) or hours work over the weekend.

      I hope this helps…

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