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      Jolene Saiz

      Hi Dustin,
      I just can’t get a grasp on BPC/YSP. I have about an 85% understanding of it. Right now I am trying to see if I can beat a builder lender who is giving the borrower $30k in seller concessions to buy down the rate if they use the them. Buyer will get $10k in concessions with any other lender. I am willing to go BPC, lower my commission to get the deal, Can I even do seller concessions with BPC?
      I Am a very visual learner and need to see it explained. I’ve searched for videos, but can’t find any good ones that explain it in depth well enough for me to get a firm understanding.
      Thanks as always for your time

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      Dustin Owen


      I am sure by now you have your answer. This would have been a great question for your Broker / Owner, Sales Manager or the AE with the investor. Here are my other thoughts:

      – 97 times out of 100 you are not going to be able to match the builder’s lender especially when / if the builder owns the lender.
      – I would not *think* you could give a credit on borrower paid; only lender paid.

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