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      Hi guys! I’m looking for some scripting on appraisal delays.

      For example, my team ordered a rush appraisal last week … with today being the due date. My Appraisal Desk has tried calling this appraiser an innumerable amount of times … no response. I’m helpless as it’s against compliance for me to even know the guys name, much less have his contact info.

      Realtor/borrowers wanting an explanation … and I feel stupid saying something like “Due to compliance and industry regulations, I am not involved in the appraisal process whatsoever.” There’s got to be a better way of taking ownership, without having to fall on the sword or lie. Furthermore … an anticipated response to that would be “Well your company ordered this appraisal … why would your company order an appraisal from an incompetent appraisal company?
      (my appraisal desk claims the guy has an A+ rating)

      What scripts would you all use in a situation like this? … for communicating back to borrower/realtor in a way that keeps things in check.

      Or maybe it’s not a script … maybe it’s an analogy to bring things back in perspective … like Amazon prime drivers and sellers on Amazon …. Same company but one has no control over the other. Just like I had no control over Appraisal Desk … idk … I’m wringing my head on a good way to approach this explanation to realtor and borrower

      Thanks so much!

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      Dustin Owen

      Here is what I do:

      – Explain the history of appraisers and the mortgage meltdown (Basically, how things used to be and what transpired)
      – Explain how hard it is to become an appraiser (i.e. You need a college degree and two year apprenticeship when this is a trade
      – Let them know that this is not acceptable and that you and your company are equally as mad and will be doing something about it
      – Empathize
      – Continue to be the squeaky wheel with your appraisal department or the AMC until you receive your appraisal.

      As for analogies…any analogy where there is more work than workers would work…(I would use something with hiring a contractor or tradesman as it takes 3 times longer to get someone to give you a quote on a simple bathroom remodel and then they are booked out 4-5 months.)

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      You’re the man Dustin! Truly appreciate you.

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