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Dustin Owen

Hey ya’ll –

Here’s my two cents:

– Focus on your local market first. You are tryin go build your local following, your local network in order to be a local community expert. Worry less about obtaining licenses in other states unless you have a really good reason. (i.e. I used to live there and have 5 best friends who are successful Realtors in that state.)

– When you are new, you can build meaningful relationships with local real estate agents by being willing to do what others won’t. Such as:
*Work their older, colder leads – Ask them for a list of all the buyers who inquired about buying a home over the past 2 years and offer to call, text and e-mail those people on
behalf of the agent to see who you can convert into a warm buyer again
*Be willing to help them set-up and work open-houses
*Be willing to go door-knocking with them
*Be willing to pick up the phone from 7am – 9pm (Monday – Sunday)
*If you have a product that others don’t or are willing to originate a product others won’t attempt bring those agents those products as a way to help more buyers qualify to buy a
*When they do refer you a buyer lead, religiously work that lead like crazy and always reach back out to the referring agent with a update. You should work that lead for weeks,
months or even years if that is what it takes. (WARNING: Only work the leads you have predetermined will actually qualify. There is not need “working” a 480 credit score who can’t
hold down a job.)
*Be willing to introduce them to business / lead generating opportunities such working a particular community event or adapting a company with a decent presence in your market and
hosting homebuyer events for their associates.
*I am NOT a big fan of this next one (FULL DISCLOSURE) but I know plenty who have had success with it…be willing to co-market (aka spend $$$) on leads via Zillow,
*Be the person who connects them to other top producing agents in the market via Realtor Mastermind you host and moderate
*Be an accountability partner to them