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Dustin Owen

I am a big Theme Day person. I make my calls (my actual sales activity) my priority and do that first thing in the morning. I have regular scheduled events as reoccurring events on my calendar and therefor never miss or allow myself to book an appointment during those times. Here are examples:

Every month the following events are locked onto my schedule:

– Branch Meeting is 3rd Wednesday on the month from 11:30am – 1pm
– All Hands Sales Call is 1st Friday of every month from 10am – 11am
– Realtor Happy House is 2nd Thursday from 4pm – 6pm
– Realtor Lunch and Learn is 1st Tuesday of the month from Noon – 1pm

*I never take client meetings on Mondays before noon as I need that time to review my pipeline, prep for the week and make my Realtors calls. I never take client meetings after 2pm on Friday as there is nothing worse than being stuck at the office on a Friday until 7pm because your 4pm appointment arrived an hour late and then the meting ran long*

Here are my theme days:

Monday = Call 20-30 current Realtor referral partners to either invite to an event, schedule an appointment or ask for a referral.
Tuesday = Make my status update calls to borrower, buyer’s agent, listing agent and title company
Wednesday = Call my past clients to schedule annual mortgage reviews
Thursday = Call Realtor /Builder targets to schedule ono-on-one (these are Realtors / Builders I don’t currently know or work with
Friday = Call COI / VIP Clients / other business professionals such as CPA’s, Financial Advisors and Divorce Attorneys

I make my TBD calls throughout the week; usually calling 4-8 per day. These are calls where I am following up with prospective borrowers and then giving an update to the referring agent.

I tend to schedule my meetings with borrowers and Realtors at either 10am, Noon, 2pm or 4pm.
I tend to work late on Monday so I don’t plan personal things like t-ball practice for my kids team for Monday.

I hope this helps.