Dustin Owen

I have always known these to be a Client Intake forms. I am a fan of these. We will look to get one up in the Sales Tools section by month’s end. But, like everything, they are only “good” if you actually incorporate them into your sales process and consistently use them, work from them. This strategy needs to be authentic. Meaning, if being a concierge is how you want to run your business then lean hard into it. Not everyone is wired this way. In fact, I am not. I am more of the Financial Guru who is a no BS LO. I win because I generate more leads by knowing more people and when Realtors / Borrowers talk to me I am the subject matter expert in both mortgage and personal finance. Xinnix teaches the “Who is your Financial Advisor, Who is your CPA” as Page 10 of the URLA. My caution with the Concierge approach is that there is a law of diminishing returns. Meaning, do what you need to do to impress and set yourself a part. But, there will be a point where it becomes overkill so be careful.

As for a Script, try something like this, “I view my business more as a practice. As such, I view you, my client, as a client for life. I want to be your trusted advisor. That said, I enjoy getting to know my clients in great depth as it helps me best serve them for this transactions as well as future transactions. I would be grateful if you would take 5-10 minutes to tell my team and me a little more about you.”