Dustin Owen

Here is what I do:

– Explain the history of appraisers and the mortgage meltdown (Basically, how things used to be and what transpired)
– Explain how hard it is to become an appraiser (i.e. You need a college degree and two year apprenticeship when this is a trade
– Let them know that this is not acceptable and that you and your company are equally as mad and will be doing something about it
– Empathize
– Continue to be the squeaky wheel with your appraisal department or the AMC until you receive your appraisal.

As for analogies…any analogy where there is more work than workers would work…(I would use something with hiring a contractor or tradesman as it takes 3 times longer to get someone to give you a quote on a simple bathroom remodel and then they are booked out 4-5 months.)