Dustin Owen

Re: NEXA…I don’t know enough about them to speak one way or the other. The my perception is that they are a body county company. Meaning, they have a ton of LO’s who don’t really do a whole lot of production and are using mortgage as a side hustle or part-time gig which I am adamant it is NOT. NEXA also seems to care more about recruiting a la a multi-level marketing scheme.

What I can say about choosing your employer is to choose based on who is going to be your manager / mentor. Choose based on what type of local presence they have in your market. Iron sharpens iron. You need and will want to be around others who do what you want to do or are doing what you do. Ask for systems, processes, training, coaching etc. If it is not offered…if there is no local, accessible manager to train, teach and mentor then I would pass on the opportunity…

…now, if it is your only opportunity then a start is a start and beggars can’t be choosers.

Hope this helps!