Ronny Harpold

I will be part of the Hiawatha, Iowa branch. Thank you for the advice! Typically, I am a quick study and do not require much oversight once I am familiar with processes and get a broad idea of what people need. Studying is a necessity in life and the adage “If you aren’t growing, you are dying,” holds very true. I catch every podcast episode of yours, The NREP, Loan Officer Success podcast, and I try to stay on top of current events in finance and how they will affect everyone. Admittedly, I will need to learn more about the bond market and subscribe to people that analyze that area for a living. I ended up picking up an HP 12C and it does make calculations very easy and quick. Quick mental math is an area I could also improve in. However, I do remember you saying that it is pretty imperative to learn to think in 1/8ths and be able to convert between that and their percentage equivalents. The call scripts is something that will be different for me, but just like any system, it works if you work it!