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Dustin Owen

Alright…sorry about the delay. Here goes:

– Xinnix Ground School is legit. I don’t really promote Flight School nor Officer School
– You will never know enough to get started. Just get started
– Find a great branch with a solid sales culture and an approachable, caring, knowledgeable, accessible sales / branch manager
– Spend 3 hours day on Xinnix Ground School WHILE building out your network, making connections with your community / industry, marketing yourself and making sales calls
– Do DON’T have to know everything. You MUST be able surround yourself with people / mentors who can help you find the answers plus you, yourself know where to go to find the answers.

By the way, congrats on passing your NMLS. Take the job offers and take Ground School all at the same time. Get your employer to pay for Ground School or reimburse you if you acheive certain production goals. I hope this helps.

Good luck!