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Zak K

Hey Everyone,

I passed the NMLS UST last Thursday and today I was able to successfully complete 3 job interviews, but as I sitting across the table from the interviewers’ I had DO’s voice playing in my head saying “Go complete the XINNIX Originator course first”. So far I haven’t committed to any companies but I’m second guessing myself, frankly I’m new to the industry and feel I don’t know shit yet.

What do you’ll advice I should do next? Accept the Job offers or take the XINNIX course first and then test the market for Opportunities?

Also does XCO hold any weight in my resume?

Planning to complete my State of Texas course requirement this week and start on my MU4 after that. I didn’t think I was going to pass the NMLS UST first time around since I bombed Rocky’s hot seat the day before the exam (Rocky’s Classes/MLO Study Buddy Grid is highly recommended, if you’re planning to give the NMLS UST, jump into the hotseat couple weeks from your exam)