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Thanks, I think you’ve mentioned that in the podcast before. Yes I have considered it, but I’m not sure how to exactly track a top producing loan officer (in hopes of being their assistant). Everyone wears nice clothes, but I’m not sure who’s really putting in smart hard work. So I decided that if I can’t find a mentor, I’m going to study overcoming certain objections while grinding in the call center for 6 months or so. Now rates are going up, and I might be forced to go self-generated if Rocket Mortgage doesn’t make the phone ring.

I have an offer from a branch at Homestar who says he’ll send me to Xinnex ground school at 16$/hr till I earn a higher commission. We’ll be communicating via zoom meetings/calls. But for some reason I just feel a bit safer going to a call center first. Am I crazy for that? Maybe I should just go for the damn thing head first with Homestar.