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Dustin Owen

I like every three weeks for follow. When you call have a reason to call. Come up with / find events to invite people to (even if you have to put them on yourself). If you don’t have an event then call and ask them if there is anything you can do to support their business (i.e. call old, dated leads. Work a community event with them, teach a class to their team, go door-knocking with them). Be sure to let them know you are planning out your schedule and need to know if they met anyone recently who you need to get on your calendar.

Also, the 12 Week challenge is for you to meet with 60 with the goal of finding 10-15 that you connect with…these 10-15 should be responsible for 20-40 closings over the next 12 months. You now need to leverage these 10-15 contacts and these 20-40 transactions to introduce you to another 40 one-on-one appointments.

Good luck!