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Dustin Owen

Still ask about their training and ask what stands out most about their training. (Is it sales training, product training, program training, marketing training or a combo?) Ask them to tell you about recent success stories. (Who has come in and really lit it up? What did he/she do to outperform? What type of qualities do they possess?) Ask them why someone would not do well or why someone would not succeed in their system. Ask them to explain those individuals characteristics as well. Finally, ask about realistic expectations as it pertains to production and income for year one, year two, year three etc. and ask about career advancement opportunities. One more thing…ask them to describe their company culture and mission.

As for red flags, I am a big fan of following your gut. If the person / people you interview with rub you the wrong the way, there is a great chance their culture is not for you. Your first career opportunity should not be about the money but about training and gaining experience.

I hope this helps.