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Dustin Owen

This is too funny as my entire mouth is dental implants and I had a front tooth bust off on my way to the National MBA Conference this past October. I had to podcast that day and walk the main stage to be recognized that night plus attend a fancy after party. I did all three. It was a little awkward but I chose to own it. Use your missing tooth to your advantage. Like, you never let anything get in the way of closing loans or helping your agents sell more homes; you never let a little dental mishap get in the way of your need to network. Call an agent and say, “Hey this is Justin, I am currently missing my front tooth as I am having an implant made, would you prefer to meet next week or in 4 months when my tooth is in?” You may think I am kidding but it would be a great ice breaker.

In all reality. Do your best. Some days you will not be able to overcome the self-consciousness and others you can force yourself to power through. Remember, you are looking for business; not friends and not lovers.

Finally, overcome your issue with the flipper. Start by wearing it 5 minutes a day and each day add 5 more. Next thing you know you are up to hour.

Good luck!