Justin petersen

JC & D.O first things first. I have got to say you guys are killing it with the Podcast! I work in Coeur d’Alene ID as a LO (was LOA for the last 3 years) and have showed all of the other LO’s in my office your stuff. Everyone loves the energy you guys have and the ACTUAL ADVICE we can implement into our game plans. I would also suggest that in the Sales tools Premium content, you guys create scripts for the following.
1) First time reaching out to Realtors
2) Follow up calls with the realtors who pushed off your first attempt to meet with them
3) Reaching out to Builders
4) Reaching out to Previous clients for Cash out refinances- since R/T refi’s are going to be a thing of the past.

I already have my own created scripts, but Dustin, you just make the words flow better on the podcast. I think this would help get a lot of the Younger LO’s to your website if you offered this. Just different variations of introductions and over coming objections.

I will continue to keep watching the podcast– hoping for a S/O!!!