Thanks! I actually have not heard of these before, so I will definitely look into them.

Given that I am talking to you Dustin, a highly-experienced individual in the mortgage space who I am sure talks to a few COOs and VP of Ops, do you think it would intriguing to them? Is it to you at all? Or does your opinion go back to adoption issues? I am going for a Godfather-esque product offer, AKA “…one [you/COO/VP] can’t refuse” lol.

I am also curious, on Episode 306, you referenced that article with Wells Fargo practically cutting mortgage buying at this time. Part of me would think the other end of that stick is reduced labor(as a result of less MSRs) or at least desire for cheaper labor. How do you think a large bank like Wells Fargo deals with that vs. smaller Mortgage companies? From what I have noticed, it seems the “network” of smaller mortgage companies are A LOT more loyal, which may result in reduced desire for technology supplemented labor.