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Ah no, I was speaking more to brand as it relates to me personally. But the automations I implement are actually technology agnostic because I am automating through not only pre-built integrations but API, AI, and, UI (which makes it agnostic). It would interact with whatever technology you want through clicks, typing, copy paste etc. simulating human interaction with the application(s). These automations are rule-based too though, so I would even welcome the regulation because it defines the rules needed to be followed by an automation. As far as regulatory issues, it would be extremely hard to discern between a human intervention and automated code given you use the UI because no logs provided by an LOS will be able to identify it was completed by human or robot (unless explicitly designed) unlike consent-based integrations. For your reference, I automate using Robotic Process Automation(RPA) which is confusing in name because there is no physical robot, simply high-level software. RPA processes can run 24/365 and are highly scalable at low cost.

The need I am trying to fill would be precisely with people like you and the people you coach, because in the end, I know (whether its delegated to someone else or not) a human is generating Initial/Final Disclosures. It does not take, human creativity or empathy to do a title service order or a flood service order. You guys are needed to interact, re-assure, support buyers and network for new clients which all takes time. My company has automated for one of the largest home-builders but we built a product to be more accessible to smaller companies. I am looking for the right people in my network willing to critique and vet the product to provide not just another product but one that actually provides value!

Thank you for investing your time in responding!