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Dustin Owen

Technology adoption is difficult for many reasons. You have those that don’t feel like they need it therefore they ask, “why change”. There are dozens of moving parts to take a loan from lead to funding and massive amounts of compliance so hang-ups happen when one technology does not integrate with the other 5-6 technologies or when one technology or technology vendor opens up a lender to scrutiny from one of the various regulators. Mortgage borrowers push back as they do not want to use the technology. There’s three…

It sounds like the bulk of your question encompasses lead generation or technology needed for lead generation. Again, there is tons of technology currently being used in lead generation. There is Zillow, BankRate, Rocket, Home Lending Pal etc. All are using conversational AI. They all have their business models and technologies needed to generate their leads. I have little to no professional or personal experience with generating consumer direct leads. It’s not my thing. The leads I generate and the leads the bulk of the professionals I coach generate come from the referrals of: other professionals, current clients, past clients, circle of influence etc. We practice and teach how to be the local community expert. We practice and teach how to run a business that is “by referral only”.

I hope all this helps.