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Home Forums Industry Tools Do you want to maximize your networking time? Reply To: Do you want to maximize your networking time?

Dustin Owen

In general, LO’s need to be out making sales calls (aka building relationships with other professionals in the market who can refer them clients who need home loans), texting prospective referrals sources and marketing to their database. They need to be hosting events, branding themselves and educating their communities. Anything that helps them do more of this is a benefit. LO’s need to know their loan products and underwriting guidelines. They need to offer financial advice to prospective homebuyers as it pertains to credit, budgeting, saving money and how it is important for a consumer to choose the right loan for their financial needs, wants and goals. The processing of the paperwork and chasing down of documents can be left for others to do. Especially if the LO generates enough leads and talks to enough prospective clients. Companies like Finicity, FinLocker, Mortgage Coach, LoanBeam, SimpleNexus etc offer all sorts of technology to “try” to make the documentation collection and processing of paperwork “easier”. They all struggle with adoption.