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Sheeeesh your knowledge about the industry roles is unbelievable! And the best thing for me is how incredibly detailed your examples are! You leave no room for imagination with your podcasts my friend. Talk about building momentum 🔥🔥🔥

Andrew P.Loan Officer

Ya'll killed this...I'm a little intimdated about jumping in the industry becasue I don't know anything about mortgage or real estate but y'all giving me a little boost in my inspiration each day!

Eddy M.Sales Associate

This was a powerful episode. Every script you made up on the fly was golden lol. I'm gunna replay this tomorrow before I hit up some realtors. I make it a point to show you to every new LO I come across. I am new as well and feel you have helped me learn more about the internals of the industry than anyone else!

Marc ALoan Originator

New LO here. Thanks so much for all this helpful material. Love your channel! ❤️

Betsy W.Loan Officer