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20 Solutions For Maximizing Revenue And Profitability

Most clients crave options more than deals. Options make them feel empowered. To maximize profits, be sure you are giving your prospective various options. This allows the client to shop internally instead of externally.” – Dustin Owen

Opinion: Stop speaking mortgage to your clients

Article by Dustin Owen

19 Ways To Unlock The Power Of Sales Hacks

“If the salesperson cannot convert the prospect into a client then, at a minimum, ask the prospective client for the name and number of someone they know who would be a better fit for the particular product or service being offered.”Dustin Owen

Mortgage pros, quit overcomplicating the task at hand

Article by Dustin Owen

Stop Overthinking Online Networking

Article by Dustin Owen

The next 100 days are key for mortgage pros

Article by Dustin Owen

10 Biz Development Leaders Discuss Which Lead Magnets Work For Them (And Why)

Creating and producing a podcast has proven to be fantastic for our business and the businesses of our coaching clients. The point of the podcast is not to become the next Joe Rogan. The podcast provides a platform that allows us to connect with and feature our ideal referral sources while providing a platform for them to sell their services without having to be too “salesy.” Dustin Owen

15 Keys To Building Client And Customer Enthusiasm

“The first determination needed when introducing a new product or service is whether the product has substance or sizzle. Both have their place in business. However, substance requires a higher level of thought and greater planning as it pertains to execution.” – Dustin Owen

Mastering The Art Of Identifying And Seizing New Business Opportunities

“Many times in life, the answer is right in front of our faces. American investor and mutual fund manager Peter Lynch taught young investors to look into investing in companies based on what was most popular and prevalent in their daily lives. The best business opportunities work the same way. For me, success in new businesses is found by investing in ancillary opportunities.” – Dustin Owen

20 Biz Dev Leaders Offer Career Advice From Their Mentors

“…as it pertains to leading salespeople is: For low producers, the sales rep works for me. For average producers, we are co-collaborators, and for top producers, I work for them. I share the above with every salesperson we hire and encourage them to become my ‘boss’.” – Dustin Owen