Bringing Value To Your Realtor Partners



Bringing Value To Your Realtor Partners

The word ‘partner’ when speaking about ‘Realtor partner’ should mean something to you. It means you have consistent dialogue about how you can bring value to their business. One of the ways you can bring value is to vet the pre-approval letters that are submitted with there are offers on their listings.

You need to show you ‘partner’ that you are invested in their success, even that means there’s not a paycheck attached to the activity.

2 responses to “Bringing Value To Your Realtor Partners”
  1. dsmiller Avatar

    What is the value being added here? I do not know what you’re getting at when you ask for pre-approval letters. I know I’m Freemium but still curious about the message in this video.

    Love the podcast, love the website! Keep up the great work.

    1. John Coleman Avatar
      John Coleman

      Hey Dustin –

      Great question – D.O. was referring to offering services to Realtors which add value – that could be door knocking with them, bringing balloons and bottled water to their open house, etc.

      In this clip, he was referring to offering to look at a pre-approval letter they might have received from a different lender – just as a second opinion. That is an example of a service an LO could offer when trying to build a relationship.

      Please let me know if this helps!

      – JC

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